2012 - Pune India Maher Vadhu Project

Below are images of Brenda in Pune India at the Vadhu project run by Maher. 20 children greeted Brenda with song and flowers. You'll also see an image of Brenda's living quarters. Be sure to read Brenda's blog posts! Click on the images below for a larger view.

About Maher:

Maher has indeed come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1997.

By August, 2010, Over 1741 women and 1641 children have been through the Maher experience and have come out brimming with self-confidence and happiness.

Most have been rehabilitated and have returned home, and are now leading productive lives as part of regrouped families and communities.

However, quite a few, subjected to extreme trauma, continue to be looked after under the watchful care of Maher. All of them receive the highest quality of preventive and on-going medical attention, psychiatric counseling, and healthy foods with nutritional supplements. Irrespective of their religion and caste, all are welcome, treated equally and given the freedom to practice their faith. All festivals are celebrated with the same gusto. Be it Diwali, Id, Christmas or Budh Purnima.

With over 147 employees, Maher has its presence in over 85 rural communities around Pune. There are 12 Balwadis or kindergartens, 2 tuition classes, 25 Bal Sadans, 1 crèche and close to 295 self help groups

Today Maher operates in 85 rural communities around Pune and has taken under its umbrella several hundred women and children.