25 Days and Counting!

WHOOHOO! 25 Days and counting. It's hard to believe that in 25 days I will be on my way to India.
A dream of a lifetime come to reality. It feels EXCITING!!!

Everyone will be able to share in my travel experience as I will attempt to blog everyday.
I will also attempt to download various pictures of my travels. You will be able to share my experiences as I have them.
What a great way to share my trip with all my friends and family and still stay in touch.

I'm at the point that I'm throwing things into my backpack and checking things off my lists.
I received a gift the other day of 850 stickers for the kids I meet. I also ordered 300 pencils to hand out.
I know the kids will clammer for these prizes.

I'm thrilled that the BE A HERO Campaign is going very well.
Contact us at The Howley Foundation if you are interested in becoming a HERO or if you choose to become
a FOUNDING Member supporting the merciful efforts of The Howley Foundation in making a difference in the lives
of littlest members of our society. We will be very happy to assist you with this information.

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