About Us

The Howley Foundation was founded by Brenda Howley of South Burlington, Vermont, USA.

Brenda adopted a little girl from Calcutta, India in June, 1984. Tanuja was 3 months old and weighed about 3 lbs when she arrived in Vermont to live with her 4 ½ yr old sister, Tia who Brenda also adopted 18 months earlier from Vermont.

The moment that Brenda saw Tanuja, she dreamed of going to India. She admired Mother Teresa and her tireless work with the abandoned and unwanted children as well as the sick and dying. Brenda wanted to do her part in making a difference. Brenda made this dream a reality by booking her flight to India in November 2009 for the following year.

To prepare for her trip to India, Brenda did extensive research on India, the culture, religions, poverty, and what she might expect on her journey. This well prepared her when she left Vermont on September 13, 2010 for a 3-week adventure and a dream of a lifetime.

Brenda recently returned from her first trip to India, visiting various cities but most of her time and focus was spent in Calcutta. While in Calcutta, she spent time at Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, Sishu Bhavan, (orphanage for babies). She also spent several days with at Brother Xavier's orphanage, Missionaries of the Word, where she connected with many children.

Brenda also met with Noah Levinson of Calcutta Kids. She was able to spend a day in the life of a healthcare counselor meeting with prenatal moms. Visiting a feeding station for the poorest of the poor had a powerful affect on Brenda.

Now that Brenda has returned from India, she is researching how The Howley Foundation can best impact positive change in Calcutta.

The Howley Foundation's original vision was to create a home where babies from hopeless situations can be given shelter, food, medicine, and most importantly, LOVE. Making a difference in the lives of the children of Calcutta is important to The Howley Foundation and that is why we have coined the phrase; Helping Hands Helping Children.

Brenda has found that creating a home for babies in Calcutta is something that may take several years to create, cutting through the red tape and rules, and regulations restricting foreigners from creating such a home. As such, The Howley Foundation will be collaborating with other organizations that are making a difference in the lives of the children of Calcutta while still pursuing their ultimate goal.

Brenda has made many valuable contacts throughout this last year that have helped Brenda move toward the vision of The Howley Foundation. One very important contact was her meeting Sr. Lucy Kurien of Maher in Pune, India on her visit to Vermont this last summer. At Maher, children and women are supported with a loving home and they are empowered to become self-reliant creating a beautiful cycle of women helping women. Sr. Lucy has created 22 homes for women and children. She invited Brenda to visit Maher and see the homes that she has created for women and children in Pune. She will be traveling to Pune, January 2012 to learn about what it takes to create a home for young women and children.

Board of Directors
Brenda Howley, Founder/ExecutiveDirector
Tanuja Scowcroft
Jeanne Kellner, MD
John Dahin
Michael Julow, CPA
Mikaela Keepin

Foundation Address:
36 Kinsington Street
South Burlington, VT 05403