Two Maher Girls Off to Football at the World Cup in Chile

Maher residents Trikali Dalvi and Shweta Shetty have qualified to play football at the World Cup in Chile.

As young children, their future looked pretty bleak with both of them losing their parents and being sent to orphanages, but after arriving at Maher they have done exceedingly well with their chosen sport. Maher fostered their passion allowing the two girls to excel in football (American soccer) and they were chosen to be a part of the national level tournaments in Chile.


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Trip to Ratnagiri

Today, we took a 7 hourr journey to the Ratnagiri home. Much of it was through tunnels of mountains and up very winding roads. It was very picturesque.
We visited a house for children, elderly and mentally disabled women. This is where we spent the night before returning to Pune the following morning.
Our journey end at the Indian Ocean yesterday where we all enjoyed a quick dip.
Fully clothed, as that is the way for women in India.
We viewed some land for the proposed home for children living with HIV.

Other Stops With Maher

We visited a tailoring center that Maher started in a village two hours away from the Jharkhand home. The people at the tailoring center are very appreciative to be learning a trade and look forward to be selling their crafts.

We stopped for lunch at the Maher office in Gomig. Lunch was served on a banana leaf.

Inauguration Day

Inauguration day went fantastic, 350 invited guests showed up but we were also surprised by 2,000 people from surrounding villages that showed up! The villagers that showed up were very poor. Their general cuisine was roots and leaves. We were able to give them their fill of rice after the planned for food was finished. The extra rice from the event was sent home with the villagers. View Images of my Trip!

Train to Jharkhand

We waited for out 10 P.M. train to Jharkhand, the temperature was in the uppers 90's (Fahrenheit). We were able to get a sleeper car on our over night train. Little did I know we would be sleeping with hundreds of other people and the beds were 3 tiers high. The trains here are not for the faint of heart or if you have a light stomach. But the children were delightful. We arrived after our seven hour train ride to the temporary home and Maher office in Jharkhand. View Images of my Trip!

First day back to India (5/5/2014)

I arrived at Maher on May 5th at about 3:30 P.M. It's been a long journey after a 6 hour layover in Detroit and a two hour lay over in Amsterdam, I am finally here. I've been able to sleep for most of today after being awake for almost 36 hours. The weather here is very warm, in the mid 90's. Everyone here is moving very slowly. I've taken some pictures of things going on around Maher. View Images of my Trip!

Brenda Presents to Christ The King School

On January 28th I was given the amazing opportunity to be able to present a slideshow explaining The Howley Foundation to Christ The King School in Burlington, Vermont. I showed slides of Calcutta from my visit in 2010 as well as slides from my visit to Maher in Pune, India in 2012. I explained that I was working with Maher which means "Mother's House" to build two homes for orphans in Jharkhand, India.

The children were eager to ask great questions and seemed very interested.

Today's The Day!!

Well, the day has come, my long awaiting journey, adventure and dream of a lifetime is finally here!

I leave for India in a FEW SHORT HOURS.

I am excited beyond belief, ecstatic to the highest and a bit scared but I woke up
singing Glory To God In The Highest And Peace To The People On The Earth.
I love that.

I could hardly sleep from all the anticipation and excitement of my travels.
I ended up packing a second bag, mostly full of school supplies for the kids.

I feel so much joy and gratitude that I'm almost overwhelmed.

25 Days and Counting!

WHOOHOO! 25 Days and counting. It's hard to believe that in 25 days I will be on my way to India.
A dream of a lifetime come to reality. It feels EXCITING!!!

Everyone will be able to share in my travel experience as I will attempt to blog everyday.
I will also attempt to download various pictures of my travels. You will be able to share my experiences as I have them.
What a great way to share my trip with all my friends and family and still stay in touch.