Gaus Sayyad Completed His Bachelor in Commerce Degree

Gaus Sayyad: He was born on 19th October 1991. He was working as a full time laborer in a hotel and garage to earn some money for the family. The father died in 2005 and was alcoholic suffering from paralysis for twelve years. His mother is illiterate and sells tea to support the family. Maher rescued him from the hotel. He is doing very well in studies and other activities. He has received Best Actor Award in 2005. He represented Maharashtra in Delhi for India Social Forum (WSF) He was selected to participate in the march at Delhi on India’s Republic Day on 26th January 2012.

He participated in the parade as a cadet of National Service Scheme after successfully passing district, state, and zonal selection levels. He got selected from amongst 350,000 cadets who had applied initially. He was one of the 14 cadets selected from Maharashtra. In 2012 he got Best NSS Student Award in New Delhi, Best Student Award in B.J.S. College, Pune, Best NSS Volunteer in Pune University etc.

He has been one of the most active young boys of Maher and is familiar to Maher children and staff as a very resourceful anchor for many a Maher events. He also had some remarkable achievements to his credit earlier when he participated in World Social Forum held in South Africa and in a play on Mahatma Gandhi which he had an opportunity to perform before the British audience in UK. He has completed his B.Com. (Bachelor in Commerce) He is very bright and has done accountancy. Eventually he wants to do his M.B.A. (Management in Business) to help his mother and Maher. Maher has big dreams for him.