History of a Couple of Women at Maher

1. Everyone has their own story to tell with lot of struggle and stress. Here I like to tell you my life history that is full of truth. I came to know about Maher and Sr. Lucy who gave me hope to live. I was courageous, hard working, humble and loving with all strength and vigor. I was born in a home were I was not lacking anything but love. I had three children one daughter and a boy. I gave a good education to them and to fear God. Both children got married. But I was not happy in my life. Still I suffered everything to make my family happy, even all the torture from my husband. I was left alone in my home nobody wanted me nobody understood my pain.

I had the hope for a better tomorrow, yet the torture from my husband was all the more increased and he insulted me in front of everybody. I was not able to tell my feeling to anybody. He was a well respectful man in the village. If I do something bad I thought it may affect my husband’s prestige in the village. I was not able to bear all the pain I under went so I thought of taking refuge in Maher.

Here I was moody and sad, crying all day and night. I had no hope to live. but later talking to Sr. Lucy, I felt a lot of relief and my burden became light. I felt that I really came to my mother’s home (Maher). The hospitality that I was given touched me a lot. All started to talk to me and gave me counseling. It prepared my mind. After words I phoned my home and calld my husband to come to Maher. My husband was able to hear problems I was having in the presence of Sr. Lucy, and my husband started to think and had realization of his mistake. He was able to take me back promising all the love and respect. With my own will I went home with him. Now I am happy at home. Some time I do make a visit to Maher.

2. There was a woman who was born in a middle class family. Educated up to 10th grade. After the study she was married. According to the parents advice she was ready to be a good wife and a good mother. Her family had lots of fights, but her husband did not love her. Mother-in-law also made lot of tension in the family. Months and years passed with no change. She had no children and once she was thrown out of the house and had nowhere to go. Still she came to her own family but thinking of the future about her younger sister and brother she didn’t want to live at home.

In that situation she came to know about Maher. After that she felt happy but lot of difference. She received a lot of advice and she felt at home. Her husband had love affair with some other woman and had a son from that woman which made her sadder. She thought of going to court to get help from the people of Maher. Maher helped to develop her confidence and gave different training. The work that she was doing did well. She was cooking for children. Later she was working with old women. She worked at Maher for 7 years. Later she went home for her brother and sister. Then she wished to be married and Maher found man for her and she got married. She felt really happy and he is very good to her. She is always happy and grateful to Maher. Now she is expecting and within two month she is going to be a mother.