Other Stops With Maher

We visited a tailoring center that Maher started in a village two hours away from the Jharkhand home. The people at the tailoring center are very appreciative to be learning a trade and look forward to be selling their crafts.

We stopped for lunch at the Maher office in Gomig. Lunch was served on a banana leaf.

While there we also went to a plastic distribution place. The people are very poor and must travel far for water, Maher was able to fund a well for them. As monsoon season approaches people are very worried how their roofs will survive the season. Maher was able to purchase heavy plastic for all their seven homes to protect them during monsoon season.

We had a long day of travel (10 hours) with Maher adults and the older children. I have learned a lot and am so appreciative of the work Maher does. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit today, so was also very happy to have air conditioning in the Jeeps we traveled in.

The new home in Jharkhand is big, beautiful, and spacious. View Images of my Trip!

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