Success Stories

1. Everyone has their own story to tell with lot of struggle and stress. Here I like to tell you my life history that is full of truth.... [more]

Surekha Jambhulkar: She was born on 26th March 1994 to blind parents. Her father left the mother and Surekha when she was four years old... [more]

Soni Chatrapati: She was born on 28th August, 1998 and was admitted in Maher on 7th February 2004. She is a single parent child. Her... [more]

Gaus Sayyad: He was born on 19th October 1991. He was working as a full time laborer in a hotel and garage to earn some money for the... [more]

Ravi Waghmare: Ravi was born on 10th December, 1998 and was brought to Maher on 13th October 2010. He is orphan child. His Father was... [more]

Prasanjit Gaikwad: He belongs to a poor family. He is a single parent child; his mother died when he was small. He was very sick when... [more]