Successful Heart Surgery for Prasanjit Gaikwad

Prasanjit Gaikwad: He belongs to a poor family. He is a single parent child; his mother died when he was small. He was very sick when he came to Maher, his father was not able to give him proper treatment in the hospital because their financial condition was not good. His father is old and Presenjit was a heart patient so he did not get admission in any school.

He came to Maher in 5th August 2005. When he came, he was suffering with his heart problem. Maher took him to get the heart surgery. Now he is staying at Maher and getting an education and also good in Tiquando. He pays tuition for 70 other children at Maher. He completed his 12th Class and was 68 percentile of his class and was one of the top students at Maher.