Surekha Jambhulkar is Attending College

Surekha Jambhulkar: She was born on 26th March 1994 to blind parents. Her father left the mother and Surekha when she was four years old. Neither parents nor relatives accepted them. Being shelter-less, Surekha and her mother came to Maher on 22nd September 2001 when she was in 3rd class. Surekha was malnourished and miserable, but she is blooming now.

One has to see her to believe how well she is doing. Mother worked as a house mother many years at Maher. Maher found a man and her mother got married, but Surekha refused to go with her mother to this new man’s home. She is very happy at Maher.

At present she is doing her SY in Collage. She had gone to UK for the Katthak Group dance performance. She teaches dance class for Maher children. Last year she got 73% in her Examination. She participated in the dance in Hydrabad. Now Surekha is very happy and thankful to Maher for everything Maher is doing for her.