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Our Mission.

The vision of The Howley Foundation is to provide shelter, food, health care and most importantly LOVE to women and children from hopeless situations.

The vision of The Howley Foundation is also to help women of India to become educated, and empowered with a sense of purpose where they would have no access to otherwise.

Latest News.
Purchase A Video of Sr. Lucy's Life!

We are selling the video, 'Sister Heart', a story of an Indian Nun.

You can Watch a Preview of this heartwarming video. After previewing the video you can click on the Paypal button on the video and purchase it. You'll be able to watch it right on our site!

Read Heart Warming Stories of the Children of Maher Jharkhand!!

Maher Jharkhand is home to many children whose stories will touch your heart...

[Read the Stories]

Global Leadership Forum 2015 Fundraiser!

Maher will be sending Gauri and Monali to the Global Leadership Forum in New Mexico in 2015....


dig in and get involved.

Latest Project.
Goal $181000
2% of the goal.

Pledges received $3500

Help purchase the land and build a house in Calcutta.

Located in the center of Calcutta-- it is idea for 2 to 3 houses.


Donate to help us to color in our Dream!



Goal: Purchase the Land by the end of the year! Take a look!
Latest Blog Posts.

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